First responders to an accident sometimes need to make quick decisions about who to help first. This process of “triage” should be the most efficient use of time and resources to save the greatest number of lives. We haven’t yet encountered a life-or-death decision involving postcards. But you can see how labour-intensive this whole process is, and thanks to some over-eager acquisitions a few years ago, we still have piles of cards waiting for their turn to join others in the website.

Sad to say, many of them won’t make it. We recently took the whole lot and pulled out cards that met the following criteria:

* From places or theme categories where we are under-quota.

* Interesting or unusual

* Very old

* Everything’s there: stamp, postmark, good message

They have, as people say around here, jumped the queue. We’ll be dealing with them before long. So the question remains: what to do with cards that didn’t make the cut? Pictures of mountains, flowers, anonymous art, kittens playing with yarn, comic cards that aren’t funny, corporate headquarters, you get the idea.

You might already know that stamp vendors often sell by weight (“kiloware”) and we could do that, but the problem would be that the market for this kind of postcard hardly justifies buying them by the kilogram. Most likely, we will think of some creative Special Offers and list those. For as we have said so many times before, one of those cards might be just the one an eager collector has been wanting to complete a collection of postcards with blue beach umbrellas.

Happy New Year, everyone!