Value pricing

A few more words about pricing.  Yes, we check our competition.  Yes, we know you can pick up cards for a dime at a flea market.  And those of you who’ve ever run a small (or even a large) business know all about costs of carrying inventory, marketing,  infrastructure …


This website has a template we must follow when we enter new cards.  We need to select categories, pricing, descriptions, and so on — and this automatically translates to public areas of the site so you can find what you want.  But one thing we can’t do, or we haven’t figured out how to do it, is to do a statistical run and find out how many entries are available at each price level.


But here’s something we do know:  GPS cards overall are much less expensive than the same card on competitive sites.  It’s not at all unusual for one of our cards at $1 to be the same card selling for $9.95 somewhere else.  Had we made an initial decision to build this site as an eBay store, or on one of the other international auction/sales platforms, we would without question have immensely greater visibility, and we would have been subject to lots of rules and regulations we didn’t want.  We don’t play the game of charging $0.01 for a card and $10.00 for postage.  We could do that, you know.  But we don’t.


Our minimum price for any card (maybe one or two exceptions, we don’t remember) is US$0.50.  That doesn’t mean the card is garbage.  Well, sometimes it does, but not always.  It just indicates that we don’t think the card has a chance of selling at a higher price.  No, we don’t know what percentage of our entries are listed at $0.50.  It’s not a huge number, but not insignficant, either.  And trust us on this:  for our own reasons, we’re as happy to sell a card for $0.50 as we are for $50.00.  It’s about finding these cards a good home.


Bye for now.