Year-end greetings

Time for the annual wrap-up.  How is it this happens every two weeks now?   Well, it just seems that way, but even so.  This morning, here in Hong Kong, it’s about 17C and clear but for the seasonal pollution that swings down from the north when the winds change.  You see, in summer, winds come from the south, off the water, where there are no coal-burning factories.  Not so in winter.  We get used to it.


Faithful readers might remember we tell ourselves–usually at this time of year–that we need to *DO SOMETHING* to make the site more visible online.  It’s still true.  The problem is generally not pricing, because we’ve seen competitive sites.  We learned this year that it’s a combination of problems, partly due to our underlying structure on something called Dreamweaver.  All roads lead to re-building the site on another platform called WordPress, but apparently this means re-entering all the cards manually.  No, not gonna do that.  And have you heard of Google Analytics?  Try navigating that if you’re not technical.


Years ago, when there was a global newspaper called The International Herald Tribune (still exists, different name), someone must have made a deal with them to advertise every day but just one line:  his company’s URL.  Think of it as this tiny entry in your daily paper every day:  No more than that.  Despite the billion or so websites, eventually someone looks, just out of curiosity.  It’s clear to all marketers that getting people to visit a site is only half the battle.  From there, product and pricing must take over.  We try!  So let’s see what we can do in 2018.  It won’t be a one-line ad in every one of the world’s remaining newspapers.  But it will be something.  Watch this space.


And on that note, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2018, much success, good health, and finding exactly those postcards you’ve been wanting for so long now.