You’re now on the web forever, if you weren’t already

We find postcards in all sorts of ways: our own travels, exhibitions, flea markets, yard sales, museums … and friends who keep their eyes open and bring back interesting and unusual additions for the site. It’s guaranteed, if we know someone going somewhere unusual–and we know, unusual for us may be usual for you–we drop subtle and not-so-subtle hints along the lines of: FIND POSTCARDS!

And so they do, and we are always going to be grateful for that. Here’s a list, in alphabetical order by first name only, of people who have tucked away bundles of cards in their bags and managed to get them to us. The least we can do is to let these cards jump the queue and get them entered as fast as we can. We’ll keep doing that. So, many thanks to Ai Lee, Bee Leng, Chris R (1), Chris R (2), Daisy, Graham, Jim C, Kerry, Leo, Lin-Lee, Mike, Monica, Ratu, Raymond, and Thea. Looking forward to adding to this list, and probably also having someone say “Enough, already!”

As a side note, we just made two technical upgrades to the site. In the Gallery display, horizontal cards looked OK but vertical ones showed much smaller. And we were also promising that clicking a picture “usually” generated a larger view, when in fact clicking some pictures gave no view at all. Both of these problems have now been fixed. We think.