• Coming Soon!

    After wayyyyyyy too many false starts, we think we’re on
    track now to rebuild and redesign the site. Brighter! Mobile
    responsive! Google might find us! More modern!
    ___________________! (We’ll bet you can think of something else that needed doing.)

    Date posted: 29 November 2019 | Comment (2)

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  • Update

    We won’t send out a general notice about this entry, because it’s not really of postcard interest, but if you stumble onto this at least you’ll know we are still alive. We know the lack of mobile responsiveness in the site’s structure works against us, and we really want to fix it. The overriding problem seems to be that we haven’t found anyone who (A) works in Hong Kong, and (B) can migrate all the information into a new format. We’ve written about this many times.

    Date posted: 15 November 2019 | Comment (0)

  • Missing out

    If you think our list of 103 themes is long, you can easily find competitors with many more.  We describe cards so that our own search engine will lead determined collectors to what they want.  But even so, here are some categories we wanted to try but that didn’t make the cut.   #6:  Aquariums.  Our goal […]

    Date posted: 22 May 2019 | Comment (3)

    Missing out
  • The ties that bind

    Yup, another entry about the website and not cards themselves.  Don’t worry, we will get back to form soon, but this is important and needs writing now.   We have never been under any illusion that we are a dominating force in postcard sales.  Our home page says “We’re not the largest … and never will […]

    Date posted: 23 December 2018 | Comment (1)

    The ties that bind
  • The stories we tell

    From the home page:  “We don’t just sell old postcards, we tell the stories”.  No pun intended, but there’s a back-story to this.  It used to say “We don’t just sell the cards …” but as we understood how important the home page is to search engines, we added “old”.  Guess how many entries for […]

    Date posted: 31 July 2018 | Comment (1)

    The stories we tell
  • How postcards wind up with us

    It makes us happy to land a stash of cards we know will add value to the site. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes borrowed (consignments), even sometimes blue. But we’ve stopped considering unsolicited offers from people we don’t know. We get many of these, usually well-meaning, like this: “My parents had this box of cards […]

    Date posted: 13 July 2018 | Comment (1)

    How postcards wind up with us
  • Buffalo Bill

    First of all, a big WELCOME! to new Blog subscribers.  We’re grateful for every one of you, even more when you leave a comment.  But now, on with the entry. Buffalo Bill is one of those names that fewer and fewer people still alive will remember.  He had his day in American history, and you […]

    Date posted: 6 May 2018 | Comment (0)

    Buffalo Bill
  • The best laid plans

    We really thought we were on that elusive track to SEO (search engine optimisation, if by chance you don’t know that abbreviation) and site redevelopment.  Honest, we did.  A painfully similar pattern to our contacts with people who say they can help goes like this:   Us:      We need SEO. Them:  Of course, we can help […]

    Date posted: 26 February 2018 | Comment (1)

    The best laid plans
  • Reconstruction

    Almost 40,000 entries, 12 years, four servers, four webmasters, two structural platforms, two New Year’s resolutions, and near-zero web visibility. We finally say: it’s time for renovation. GPS (us, not the satellite) started on a structure called DotNetNuke. DNN was a complicated, open-source programme. It was incredibly difficult to administer and maintain, and had the […]

    Date posted: 25 January 2018 | Comment (1)

  • Home improvement

    We thought the recent departure of our original webmaster might be a good time to do a zero-base review of the site’s interior structure and outward appearance, and see what we could do about online visibility, too.   The things we learn!   One of those was probably the most fundamental, what’s called the Content […]

    Date posted: 16 March 2017 | Comment (0)

    Home improvement