How to Order

We want your order to arrive safely. Our postal system here in Hong Kong is one of the best. Worried that we’re far away? Don’t be! We work quickly. And no order is too small.

1. We accept PayPal, credit cards via PayPal, and US$ cheques. Mailing cash is at your own risk. Prices are in US$.

2. E-mail with index number of each card you want. We confirm availability and total cost.

3. Then ask us for PayPal details, or where to mail payment. We don’t charge extra for PayPal. And there’s no sales tax, no VAT, no GST.

Shipping charges:

  • Total card value below US$70: US$4.00 (+ optional US$4.00 for registration)
  • Total card value US$70 up to $100: Free shipping!* (registration optional)
  • Total card value $100 or above:  Free shipping and registration!*

Please note: (1) we use the exact address you give us, and (2) we cannot be responsible for safe delivery of unregistered shipments. We strongly recommend registration to a few countries, but it’s always going to be your choice. Registered items can be tracked online to most countries, and we can tell you how to do that. Note, these are original cards, not made-to-order. If we have more than one of the same card, the description will tell you. Finally, (3) please read the grading system.

* A few heavy or oversized items have special postage rates. We’ll let you know those in advance.

We’ll let you know when payment arrives, and again when your order goes out.  We’ll also suggest options for getting your cards to you in a timely manner during postal disruptions affecting so many countries.

If you want to use PayPal, click that button, or go to and enter information we give you by separate e-mail.

* Note also that some cards are not available to residents of Hong Kong or PR China.  They have  * in the index number, and text only mentioning Hong Kong also applies to PR China.

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