• Postcard Devils

    We’ve been at this for many years now, and seen just about everything that can happen to a postcard between buying it new, to holding it again 100 years later after passing through albums.   Imagine a single piece of paper surviving that long.  We thought we might mention many devils that can affect a card […]

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    Postcard Devils
  • Hashtags

    Fair warning now:  you won’t find anything interesting in this entry, and we’re not going to announce it to our subscribers like we usually do.  And we’re not sure it will do any good, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.   Twitter, Instagram, and other social media make generous use of hashtags.  We even have our […]

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  • It’s Definitely the 21st Century Now

    You’ve heard of ChatGPT, right?  If not, it would be good for you to find out what it is before you read further.    ChatGPT has been widely publicized here in Hong Kong, but when we tried to sample it, a message appears on the screen:  “Not available in your country”.   No surprises there (apart from […]

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    It’s Definitely the 21st Century Now
  • Dr. Ted

    As most of you know, we try to give special thanks to those who help us one way or another.  This can be technical advice, marketing support, design ideas, and notably friends who supply us with more postcards for the site.   This brings us to Dr. Ted.   Ted is British and has lived here […]

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    Dr. Ted
  • WordPress

    Apologies in advance:  this will be another entry about the website and not postcards themselves, but sometimes we can’t stifle ourselves.  WordPress (WP) is the open-source platform on which the site was rebuilt.  Faithful readers might remember this is our third structure over the past 17 (!) years.  We’d like it to be the last. […]

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  • End-of-Year Greetings, and Thanks

    How is it that December comes around every two weeks now?  Though not usually our favourite month, it brings with it the chance to wish you all Happy Holidays — whichever ones they might be — and a very Happy New Year too.  Lunar New Year follows closely in January, and usually we would be […]

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    End-of-Year Greetings, and Thanks
  • Beyond Postcards

    We had to make some existential decisions.  Leaving aside the obvious question of how and whether to source more postcards from auctions or other dealers, we have been wondering what to do with boxes of (mostly) paper ephemera, all getting older by the day.  Almost imperceptibly, much of this is changing from “useful” to “antique”. […]

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    Beyond Postcards
  • Messages

    We focus so often on the fronts of the postcards but from time to time, if the messages stand out, we’ll mention them.  Now we’re thinking you might enjoy a few minutes of random snooping through long-ago thoughts.   So we took the last stack of cards we entered but haven’t yet filed into their […]

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  • Something for Everyone

    Our good friend Thea was out and about recently, and came across a stack of these books in the discount section of a local shop.   She astutely observed:  “No, there was not a line fighting for them.”    We’re not certain any more where postcards rank on the list of collectible hobbies.  They used to be up […]

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    Something for Everyone
  • Jumping through hoops: Mailing cards

    The good news:  “normal” mail is returning, slowly.  And we mean that in more ways than one.  A few countries with no outgoing service at all for months now allow surface but not air shipments.  Even more important, some major countries where our only air option was the wildly expensive “Speedpost” now allow air mail.  […]

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    Jumping through hoops:  Mailing cards