Feel free to suggest sets of cards you might like, and we’ll try to make a deal with you.

Meanwhile, try these. We choose cards for you. For these offers, postage depends on weight. We’ll let you know that in advance.

  • Selection of 20 different, unused ad cards from Hong Kong for US$8. (Grades: 1)
  • Choose any of these groups for US$12:

1) 40 different unused pre-1970s cards of US scenery (Grades 1-3)
2) 30 different unused pre-1970s cards of Canada (No Grade 5)
3) 30 different unused cards of the Wisconsin Dells (No Grade 5)
4) 40 different unmailed pre-1970s cards of the USA, but with writing on the backs (Grades 3,4,5)
5) 50 different USA cards of grades 4 and 5 (some will be better)
6) 30 different unused pre-1950s cards from Europe (No Grade 5)
7) 60 different cards listed at $0.50, from anywhere (All Grades; for this offer, you choose)

  • Bulk order (more than 100 cards): we will negotiate with you
  • Looking to give your collection some geographical variety? we’ll choose one card of Grade 3 or better from each of 50 different countries (not including USA or UK unless you want those) for US$49, or one card (same conditions) from each of 100 countries for US$149. These might be used or unused. Special postage rate will apply, and we will let you know that before you order.
  • We’ll select a nice postcard view of Hong Kong, use up to four different stamps, and mail it to you or your family or friends through Hongkong Post’s philatelic service so it will have a clear postmark. And we can put just about any message you might want. Anywhere in the world, for a flat rate of US$3.
  • Or, you can buy the entire inventory and site. Just contact us.