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  • Columbus, dogwood and azaleas

    Unused, undamaged apart from minor corner abrasions. Grade: 2

    Code: 10111001

    Price: $0.50

    Columbus, dogwood and azaleas
  • Greetings from Atlanta

    Plastichrome card P54437, from 1960s, unused and as-new apart from gentle aging on reverse. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111002

    Price: $4.50

    Greetings from Atlanta
  • Atlanta, state capitol

    We hand it to the Plastichrome people. This unused card from the 1960s (P30618) has some unusual trivia in the caption on the reverse. Modest aging, but still very nice card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111003

    Price: $3.00

    Atlanta, state capitol
  • Atlanta, state capitol

    Dexter Press card DT-12151-C, unused, from 1966. Beginning to age, but still: Grade: 1

    Code: 10111004

    Price: $3.00

    Atlanta, state capitol
  • Atlanta, Golf is a serious game

    The Three Stooges? Unused card from 1980s, but it’s been heavily handled. Grade: 3

    Code: 10111005

    Price: $1.00

    Atlanta, Golf is a serious game
  • Flue-cured tobacco

    Unused, from 1960s, though as long as tobacco grows, it will look like this. Grade: 2

    Code: 10111006

    Price: $1.00

    Flue-cured tobacco
  • Atlanta, airport entrance

    No name for the terminal, only “Atlanta’s jet-age airport” according to the caption on this unused card P43445 from the 1960s. No people? Not now! Grade: 1

    Code: 10111007

    Price: $3.00

    Atlanta, airport entrance
  • Atlanta, stadium

    A little period piece for you. Unused Atlanta News Agency / Dexter press card 6265-C from the 1960s. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111008

    Price: $2.00

    Atlanta, stadium
  • Flint River, covered bridge

    This unused Columbus Photo Service card 2158 is from the 1960s and sadly reports that the bridge had been replaced by “a new cement structure.” No doubt the new cement structure was a vast safety improvement and an historical step backwards. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111009

    Price: $4.00

    Flint River, covered bridge
  • Atlanta, aerial view

    You might have noticed we like to suggest different aerial views, over time, as an interesting specialization for collecting. Here’s a great one (unused) of Atlanta in the 1960s. Atlanta News Agency / Dexter Press card 6262-C shows Grady Hospital in the foreground. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111010

    Price: $3.00

    Atlanta, aerial view
  • Stone Mountain

    This 1960s-era unused Atlanta News Agency card P30620 is in as-new condition and would be unremarkable except that lines in the printed caption were transposed and nobody caught that during the proofreading. Grade: 1

    Code: 10111011

    Price: $2.00

    Stone Mountain
  • Atlanta, 1996 Olympics, opening ceremonies

    Larger (6-3/4″ x 4-5/8″) card mailed from Atlanta in 1996 with 50-cent stamp and mostly readable postmark. Normal postal bumps, nothing major. Grade: 2

    Code: 10111012

    Price: $7.00

    Atlanta, 1996 Olympics, opening ceremonies
  • Atlanta, Peachtree Center

    This card was mailed in the mid-1980s (we know that) but there was no postmark, and the 33-cent Verville airmail stamp was not cancelled. We know it was mailed because there is the faint pink postal service imprinting on the front. Grade: 4

    Code: 10111013

    Price: $1.00

    Atlanta, Peachtree Center
  • Douglasville, West Broad Street

    Issued by the Douglasville Welcome Center, this view of West Broad Street circa 1940s-1950s is–according to the writer–still current today.  Though this looks like a reproduction, it’s just the way the card was made, and then mailed in 2010.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111014

    Price: $2.00

    Douglasville, West Broad Street
  • Atlanta, Atlanta University

    Unused card, some creasing and staining.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10111015

    Price: $1.00

    Atlanta, Atlanta University
  • Clayton, Estatoah Falls

    Unused H.S. Crocker Mirro-Krome card KR-37, picturesquely describing the source of these falls as “a rocky, grim-faced mountainside.”  Just the thing to bring in the tourists.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111016

    Price: $2.00

    Clayton, Estatoah Falls
  • Waycross, water lilies and iris

    Unused Color-King card S-48842-1 explains that the 700-square-mile Okefenokee Swamp Park is decorated with these flowers at certain times of the year.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111017

    Price: $1.00

    Waycross, water lilies and iris
  • Tempesta Falls

    Unused H.S. Crocker card KR-T-2 tells you all you might want to know about these Falls and the Tallulah River that once caused them to form.  The caption muddies the waters, so to speak, about the status of that area at that time.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111018

    Price: $2.00

    Tempesta Falls
  • Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery

    Unused Plastichrome card P54141 of this “beautiful and historic cemetery, once the home of the Tattnalls.”  One hopes they were alive at the time.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111019

    Price: $1.00

    Savannah, Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Augusta, Broad Street

    Mailed in 2011 from Columbia, SC with 98-cent stamp and readable postmark.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111020

    Price: $0.50

    Augusta, Broad Street
  • Atlanta, night view

    Mailed with 98-cent stamp and full if blurry modern postmark.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111021

    Price: $1.00

    Atlanta, night view
  • Savannah, Mansion at the Hermitage

    Unused, heavily aged E.C. Kropp card 1096.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10111022

    Price: $2.00

    Savannah, Mansion at the Hermitage
  • Greetings from Atlanta, Did You Know?

    This entry in the popular series was mailed from Wisconsin (not Georgia) in 2012, with four different stamps (two of them uncancelled, readable postmark on the others), and postal barcoding at the bottom.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111023

    Price: $2.00

    Greetings from Atlanta, Did You Know?
  • Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain

    Except for the artwork, this unused linen card 8A-H1037 from Curteich-Chicago seems deliberately to avoid saying “Georgia” or “Tennessee” as the exact location, and as we’ve never been there, we are thinking Georgis is correct.  If not, please let us know.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111024

    Price: $3.00

    Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain
  • Holiday Inns of Greater Atlanta

    For your collection of Holiday Inn postcards, this unused item.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111025

    Price: $3.00

    Holiday Inns of Greater Atlanta
  • Savannah, Bonaventure Entrance

    Old, unused card of the entrance to this cemetery.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111026

    Price: $3.00

    Savannah, Bonaventure Entrance
  • Sapelo Island lighthouse

    The card tells us this lighthouse was “built in 1820 for $14,500,” then decommissioned in 1905 and restored in 1998.  Mailed in 2011 with 28-cent stamp and some splotching on the front.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111027

    Price: $4.00

    Sapelo Island lighthouse
  • Atlanta, Mark Inn

    We think this property is still there, though frankly Google does not make it easy to find out.  We have better things to do!  Four of these long (3-1/2″ x 8-1/4″) cards are available, unused, different grades.  All are beginning to age.  Two are Grade 3 ($2), one is Grade 2 ($3), and the other is Grade 1 ($4).

    Code: 10111028

    Price: $4.00

    Atlanta, Mark Inn
  • Jesup, Holiday Inn

    We don’t know the exact date of this unused card, but it promotes “Free T.V.” and “Free Teletype Reservations,” so it does go back a bit.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111029

    Price: $2.00

    Jesup, Holiday Inn
  • St. Simons Island Lighthouse

    Linen Curteich-Chicago card mailed in 1961 with stamp and postmark to the Oregon State Highway Department, asking for a map of “your state and other surrounding states.”  We wonder what journey this card made to wind up with us?  Among lighthouse “firsts,” “The first Government lighthousewas built on this spot in 1808,” though not this particular structure.  A little postmark ink transfer on the front.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10111030

    Price: $4.00

    St. Simons Island Lighthouse
  • Savannah Beach, Tybee Island Lighthouse

    Unused Dexter Press card 30952-B of a lighthouse near the entrance to the South Channel of the Savannah River.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111031

    Price: $4.00

    Savannah Beach, Tybee Island Lighthouse
  • Atlanta, Have a Coke & a smile (3D)

    This 3D card (lenticular printing) either reads “Have a Coke & a smile” or “Thirst knows no season,” depending on the angle, and comes from the Coca-Cola Store in Atlanta.  It was mailed in 2012 from Canada, with stamp and postmark.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10111032

    Price: $4.00

    Atlanta, Have a Coke & a smile (3D)
  • Valdosta, Dogwood and Wisteria

    Unused Plastichrome card P329589.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111033

    Price: $0.50

    Valdosta, Dogwood and Wisteria
  • Atlanta, Ga., by Night

    Undivided back postcard, mailed in 1906 with clear sending and receiving postmarks, and the stamp.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10111034

    Price: $4.00

    Atlanta, Ga., by Night
  • Robins Air Force Base, Museum of Aviation, Douglas C-124

    Mailed in 2013 with five stamps, blurred modern postmark, and address label affixed.  Grade: 4

    Code: 10111035

    Price: $0.50

    Robins Air Force Base, Museum of Aviation, Douglas C-124
  • St. Simons Island, Lighthouse and Glynn County Casino

    Not just those, but a swimming pool, bowling alleys, and a skating rink also there–even if the postcard gives no hint of those apart from the caption.  Unused Dexter Press 75093.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111036

    Price: $3.00

    St. Simons Island, Lighthouse and Glynn County Casino
  • Atlanta, Turner Field

    The Atlanta Braves baseball team plays here.  The card was mailed in 2014, with three stamps and postmark.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111037

    Price: $2.00

    Atlanta, Turner Field
  • Map

    Mailed in 2014 with a round “Global Forever” stamp cancelled only by orange postal barcoding.  A little bit of postal bumping on the corners.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10111038

    Price: $2.00

  • Plains, Jimmy Carter fishing

    Unused Mike Roberts card C31615 (CL-1) of President Carter fishing in Miss Lillian’s pond in August, 1976.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111039

    Price: $2.00

    Plains, Jimmy Carter fishing
  • Duluth, Southeastern Railway Museum

    The Museum’s Locomotive No. 2, a General Electric 44 ton Center Cab Unit, on an unused Mary Jayne card J16909.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10111040

    Price: $2.00

    Duluth, Southeastern Railway Museum