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  • Sailing in lake country

    Mailed in 1984, this card by Daniel J. Cox has slight smudging on front. Two stamps and legible postmark. Starting to age. Like us.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10124001

    Price: $2.00

    Sailing in lake country
  • Tofte, Bluefin Bay

    Quite oversized card mailed from the North Shore in 1989, with stamp and postmark intact. A little battered around the edges and corners. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124002

    Price: $3.00

    Tofte, Bluefin Bay
  • Twin Cities

    Modern Ken Raviell card, unused and undamaged. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124004

    Price: $2.00

    Twin Cities
  • Land of 10,000 Lakes

    Unused, as-new. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124005

    Price: $2.50

    Land of 10,000 Lakes
  • Loonie

    Well, the loon is the state bird, so we can excuse them. Card mailed in 1983, with 28-cent stamp but very heavily postmarked. Affixed airmail sticker. Front is basically as-new. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124006

    Price: $3.00

  • Two Harbors, Three-Spot Locomotive

    One would not expect a card of this size (6″ x 9″) to make it safely through international airmail, but this one did, with only minor corner bending and abrasions. Mailed in 1990, with stamp and postmark intact, it’s Dexter Press 56039 apparently dated 1961. And they call it “Giant Post Card.” Grade: 2

    Code: 10124007

    Price: $7.50

    Two Harbors, Three-Spot Locomotive
  • St. Paul, God of Peace statue

    Dexter Press card 66032-B, mailed from St. Paul in 1984 with two commemoratives. Serrated edges, this Carl Milles card’s a little bit aged and postally battered. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124008

    Price: $2.50

    St. Paul, God of Peace statue
  • Hinckley, Tobies Restaurant

    Tobies is billed as a “traveler’s tradition since 1948.” We have no reason not to believe them. Card was mailed with a 40-cent stamp in 1992, and has full Hinckley postmark. Some inconsequential creasing of lower right front corner. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124009

    Price: $4.00

    Hinckley, Tobies Restaurant
  • Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, Northrup Auditorium

    Plastichrome P21163 unused card from the 1960s. A little bit of crease on upper left front corner, and starting to age on the back. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124010

    Price: $2.50

    Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, Northrup Auditorium
  • Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, Northrup Auditorium

    Colorscans/NMN/R.A. Young card mailed internationally in 1990 with two large 25-cent commemorative stamps and full postmark. Some age mottling on the reverse but still excellent on the front. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124011

    Price: $3.50

    Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, Northrup Auditorium
  • Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota

    Card by Bob Firth CP4672, mailed in 1990 with two commemorative 25-cent stamps and full postmark. There are edge abrasions and a postmark smudge on the front. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124012

    Price: $2.50

    Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, West Bank

    From the 1960s, an unused Plastichrome card P56761 (also UM-304) showing the “ultra-modern” School of Business Administration and the Social Science Building. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124013

    Price: $2.50

    Minneapolis, Univ. of Minnesota, West Bank
  • St. Paul, state capitol, fireworks

    Sandy Sandsness card, mailed internationally in 1991 with a 40-cent stamp. Very minor edge abrasions and normal reverse. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124014

    Price: $3.50

    St. Paul, state capitol, fireworks
  • St. Paul, state capitol

    An accurate if somewhat sterile Plastichrome P24279 unused card from the 1960s, aging noticeably on the reverse. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124015

    Price: $3.00

    St. Paul, state capitol
  • Minneapolis, University of Minnesota

    To be precise, this is the East Bank campus, showing Northrop Auditorium, Coffman Memorial Union, and the Mississippi River–among other buildings we used to know well. Unused card,

    Code: 10124016

    Price: $2.00

    Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
  • State bird

    Ah, that Minnesota sense of humor. Yup. Unused card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124017

    Price: $1.00

    State bird
  • Bemidji State University

    Unused and relatively recent card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124018

    Price: $2.00

    Bemidji State University
  • Paul Bunyan Country

    Though your knowledge of Paul and Babe may be directly related to how close to the area you live, the legend is alive and well in the North Country. Unused card from 2008. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124019

    Price: $3.00

    Paul Bunyan Country
  • Uffda

    You need to have Norwegian ancestry to appreciate this all the way. The caption on the back of this unused card from 2008 reads: yah, you betcha! Grade: 1

    Code: 10124020

    Price: $2.00

  • Refrigerator magnet

    The idea here is for the magnet to be removed from its shrink-wrapped seal, but it’s a legitimate postcard. Unused, and Grade: 1

    Code: 10124021

    Price: $5.00

    Refrigerator magnet
  • Greetings from Bemidji

    Bemidji, home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and a beautiful area. Unused card from 2008. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124022

    Price: $3.00

    Greetings from Bemidji
  • Map

    Classical design, modern postcard map of Minnesota. Unused. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124023

    Price: $3.00

  • American Indian signs

    This unused card 2USMN-191 (and 55-B) is informative but we’re not sure how accurate all this is. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124024

    Price: $3.00

    American Indian signs
  • Itasca State Park, Mississippi River Headwaters

    The scene should be timeless but the unused card is from 2008. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124025

    Price: $2.00

    Itasca State Park, Mississippi River Headwaters
  • Paul Bunyan Vacationland

    Actually “Hello from Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan Vacationland” as depicted on both front and back of this unused 2008 card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124026

    Price: $3.00

    Paul Bunyan Vacationland
  • Boys of Winter

    Unused card from 2008, amusing but not comical in the Minnesota context! Grade: 1

    Code: 10124027

    Price: $2.00

    Boys of Winter
  • Bemidji, Paul Bunyan in Winter

    This unused card from 2008 is probably more typical than a summer view. We understand summer in Bemidji can be quite short. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124028

    Price: $2.00

    Bemidji, Paul Bunyan in Winter
  • Bemidji, Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox

    The counterpoint to winter view in 10124028, yes, the sky really is as blue as the ox. Unused card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124029

    Price: $2.00

    Bemidji, Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox
  • Duluth-Superior Hi Bridge

    Honestly we do not know if we are looking towards Duluth (Minnesota) or Superior (Wisconsin) but the card tells us that this is a “Dramatic Nite View of the Hi Bridge Connecting” those two. Card was mailed in 1993 with two 29-cent tulip stamps and a full St. Paul postmark, and because the card was published in MN and not WI, we place it in MN. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124030

    Price: $2.00

    Duluth-Superior Hi Bridge
  • Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun

    This card, mailed in 1983 with a 28-cent Blanche Stuart Scott airmail stamp and full but partly obscured postmark, makes Lake Calhoun look just a little bit sterile. Well. Maybe in 1983, it was. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124031

    Price: $2.00

    Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun
  • Lake Region, sunny day

    Honest, the caption on the back says “Enjoying a sunny day in Minnesota Lake Region.” Based on this, we would not want to see a cloudy day. Card mailed in 1984 from St. Paul with two 20-cent 1984 Olympics stamps. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124032

    Price: $3.00

    Lake Region, sunny day
  • White Bear Lake, sailboats

    Mailed in 1993 with a legible Minneapolis postmark and one heavily cancelled 28-cent Blanche Stuart Scott stamp, along with a postal service airmail sticker. Minor postmark smudging on the front. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124033

    Price: $1.00

    White Bear Lake, sailboats
  • St. Paul, Como Conservatory

    From 1983, NMN card 99711-C with serrated edges, readable Minneapolis postmark, a 28-cent airmail stamp, an airmail sticker, and some postmark smudging on the front.  That’s it.  Grade: 3

    Code: 10124034

    Price: $1.00

    St. Paul, Como Conservatory
  • Minneapolis, IDS Crystal Court

    Mailed in 1983, this card has serrated edges, an airmail sticker, a single 28-cent stamp, and two heavy Minneapolis postmarks over that. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124035

    Price: $1.00

    Minneapolis, IDS Crystal Court
  • Minneapolis, Aquatennial

    A nice catch for a balloon card collector, at an uninflated price. Card was mailed in 1983 with an airmail sticker and one stamp but two heavy postmarks overlaying each other. Grade: 3

    Code: 10124036

    Price: $2.00

    Minneapolis, Aquatennial
  • Minneapolis, Metrodome

    Official name: Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Stadium. Interesting caption saying that this place was “inflated Oct. 2, 1981 and was open for the first Twins home game on April 3rd, 1982.” The card was mailed in 1983, with airmail sticker, one stamp–and just one postmark. A little postal corner scrunching. Grade: 2

    Code: 10124037

    Price: $2.00

    Minneapolis, Metrodome
  • Stillwater, Home of the Ponies

    Caption says “Stillwater, Minnesota is ‘The Home of the Ponies.’ Also known as ‘Big Red,’ the senior high school is a constant newsmaker …” Card was mailed in 1983, with one 28-cent stamp and partial Minneapolis postmark and airmail sticker. Serrated edges. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124038

    Price: $2.00

    Stillwater, Home of the Ponies
  • East Grand Forks, American Beet Sugar

    We know that American Beet Sugar opened this factory in 1926 but the name changed to American Crystal Sugar in 1934. So that helps date the card, which is unmailed but which has a travel agent’s rubber stamp on the reverse. This is Ira Gaulke News Agency card 118842-N. Grade: 4

    Code: 10124039

    Price: $4.00

    East Grand Forks, American Beet Sugar
  • Edina, Mall of America

    The USA might be surprised to see other countries overtaking this mall in size, but no denying it’s an experience to visit. You don’t need to fly to Minnesota. You can get this unused card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124040

    Price: $2.00

    Edina, Mall of America
  • Hierarchy of fish

    As the cliche goes, you don’t need to be from Minnesota to appreciate this, but it helps. Officially “The Minnesota Fisherman’s Hierarchy of Fish,” if you can spot the odd one out, you are officially in the club. Two of these unused, current cards are available. Grade: 1

    Code: 10124041

    Price: $2.00

    Hierarchy of fish